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Allie Abraham has everything going for her — she’s a straight-An understudy, with old buddies and an affectionate family, and she’s dating charming, famous, and sweet Wells Henderson. One issue: Wells’ dad is Jack Henderson, America’s most renowned moderate shock jock…and Allie hasn’t let Wells know that her family is Muslim. Dislike Allie’s religion is confidential, precisely. It’s simply that her folks don’t rehearse and raised all her Islamic legacy to herself. However, as Allie witnesses steadily developing Islamophobia in her humble community and the country over, she starts to embrace her confidence — concentrating on it, rehearsing it, and confronting contempt and misconception for it. Who is Allie, assuming that she sheds the façade of the “great” all-American young lady? At any point what’s the significance here to be a “Great Muslim?” And might a Muslim young lady in America at any point genuinely fit ready?
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Genere:Contemporary Fiction Young Adult
Total Pages: 432
Publishing Year: 2019
PDF Size: 3.24 MB
Language: English
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