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Catch-22 is a satirical novel by American author Joseph Heller, first published in 1961. The novel is set during World War II and follows the exploits of Captain John Yossarian, a U.S. Army Air Forces bombardier. Yossarian is caught in a bizarre bureaucratic paradox: he is required to fly dangerous missions over Italy, but if he tries to avoid these missions by claiming insanity, he demonstrates his own sanity in doing so, and is therefore deemed fit for duty.

The novel is known for its non-chronological storytelling, absurdist humor, and exploration of the theme of the irrationality of bureaucracy. The phrase “catch-22” has become a part of the English language, used to describe a paradoxical situation in which an individual is trapped by contradictory rules or requirements.

Throughout the novel, Heller employs a variety of narrative techniques, including stream-of-consciousness, fragmented chronology, and an unreliable narrator, to convey the absurdity and confusion of wartime bureaucracy. The novel is also notable for its large ensemble cast of characters, many of whom are vividly drawn and deeply flawed.

Catch-22 has been widely regarded as a classic of American literature, praised for its dark humor, inventive language, and incisive commentary on the military-industrial complex and the dehumanizing effects of war.

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