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“Higher Engineering Mathematics” is a book written by John Bird, a renowned author and educator in the field of engineering mathematics. The book is designed to provide students with a comprehensive overview of mathematical concepts and their applications in engineering.

The book is divided into 27 chapters, each of which covers a different topic in mathematics. These topics include calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, complex numbers, probability and statistics, and numerical methods. Each chapter includes clear explanations of the concepts, worked examples, and exercises for students to practice their skills.

One of the key features of “Higher Engineering Mathematics” is its focus on applications. The book includes numerous examples and case studies from engineering and technology fields, helping students to understand how mathematical concepts are used in real-world contexts.

The book also includes a range of online resources, including interactive quizzes and exercises, to help students deepen their understanding and test their knowledge.

“Higher Engineering Mathematics” is widely used as a textbook in engineering and technology programs around the world. Its clear explanations, numerous examples, and focus on applications make it a valuable resource for students and professionals in the field of engineering mathematics.

Total Pages: 705
Publishing Year: 2010
PDF Size: 5.8 MB
Language: English
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