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International political economy (IPE) is a field of study that examines the intersection between politics and economics at the global level. IPE seeks to understand how political and economic forces interact with each other, shape each other, and impact the distribution of power, wealth, and resources in the world.

At its core, IPE is concerned with the study of globalization and the ways in which economic integration and interdependence shape international relations. This includes the study of international trade, finance, and investment, as well as the institutions that govern them, such as the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank.

One of the key debates within IPE is the role of the state in shaping economic outcomes. Some scholars argue that the state plays a dominant role in regulating markets and ensuring economic stability, while others contend that the state is increasingly marginalized in the face of global economic forces and the rise of multinational corporations.

Another important issue within IPE is the question of inequality and development. IPE scholars analyze the ways in which globalization and economic integration impact the distribution of wealth and resources within and between countries, and they explore strategies for promoting sustainable and equitable economic growth.

In recent years, the field of IPE has also been influenced by debates about globalization and the rise of populism and nationalism. Scholars have examined the political and economic factors that have fueled these trends, as well as their implications for international cooperation and governance.

Overall, the study of international political economy is crucial for understanding the complex and interconnected forces that shape our global economy and political system. It provides a framework for analyzing the power dynamics and economic relationships that underpin our world, and it offers insights into the challenges and opportunities facing policymakers and businesses in the 21st century.

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