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“Island Boy” is a children’s book written by Barbara Cooney and published in 1988. The book tells the story of a boy named Matthias, who is born on a small island off the coast of Maine, and follows his life as he grows up and leaves the island to pursue his dreams.

The book is notable for its beautifully rendered illustrations, which were done by the author in her signature style of watercolor and ink. The illustrations capture the natural beauty of the island and the changing seasons, as well as the emotions of the characters.

As Matthias grows up, he yearns to leave the island and explore the world beyond. He eventually becomes a sailor and travels to many different places, but always remembers his roots and the lessons he learned on the island. When he returns to the island as an old man, he finds that it has changed, but the memories and connections he has to the place and the people remain strong.

“Island Boy” is a poignant and timeless story about the joys and challenges of growing up, leaving home, and finding one’s place in the world. The book has been widely praised for its lyrical writing and evocative illustrations, and has become a beloved classic of children’s literature.

Total Pages: 40
Publishing Year: 1991
PDF Size: 567 KB
Language: English
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