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“November 9” is a romance novel by Colleen Hoover. The book follows the story of Fallon and Ben, two strangers who meet and fall in love on November 9th, but decide to wait five years before seeing each other again.

The novel is told from the perspectives of both Fallon and Ben, and jumps back and forth between the two timelines – November 9th of their initial meeting and November 9th of each subsequent year. As the story unfolds, the reader gets to see how Fallon and Ben’s lives change over the course of those five years, and how their love for each other grows despite the obstacles they face.

Fallon is a young actress who has been scarred both physically and emotionally by a tragic event in her past. Ben is a writer who is struggling to move on from his own past. As they reconnect each year on November 9th, they confront their past traumas and learn to trust and love each other.

“November 9” is a touching and heartfelt story that explores the power of love and the ways in which it can heal and transform us. It’s a beautifully written novel that delves into complex emotional issues and the importance of forgiveness and second chances. The characters are well-drawn and relatable, and the plot is engaging and suspenseful, making this a great choice for fans of romance novels.

Total Pages: 320
Publishing Year: 2015
PDF Size: 1 MB
Language: English
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