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“Python in a Nutshell” is a comprehensive guide to the Python programming language, authored by Alex Martelli, Anna Ravenscroft, and Steve Holden. The book provides an overview of the language and its use in a variety of contexts, including system administration, scientific computing, web development, and database programming.

The first part of the book introduces the basics of the Python language, including variables, operators, control structures, and data structures. The second part covers more advanced topics such as object-oriented programming, exception handling, and threading. The authors also explore Python’s support for functional programming techniques and provide guidance on using Python for developing web applications, including a survey of popular frameworks like Django and Flask.

One of the unique features of “Python in a Nutshell” is its extensive coverage of Python’s standard library. The authors provide detailed explanations of the modules that come bundled with Python, from the core modules that provide basic functionality like string handling and file I/O to more specialized modules for working with XML, network protocols, and graphical user interfaces.

The book also includes a useful reference section that provides quick access to the syntax and semantics of Python statements and expressions, as well as information on the built-in functions and modules.

Total Pages: 767
Publishing Year: 2017
PDF Size: 8.51 MB
Language: English
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