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Sisterhood is Powerful: An Anthology of Writings from the Women’s Liberation Movement

Here is the first comprehensive collection of writings from the Women’s Liberation Movement, including articles, poems, photo-graphs, and manifestos. This anthology captures the range of problems being considered by the new feminists, and the variety of approaches to analysis and action. Over fifty contributors, all women, write about how the “51% minority group” is used and abused by the major institutions of our society–marriage, the family, church, courts, the media, welfare, the schools, the professions, business, and industry. A section on the psychological and sexual repression of women attacks the freudian view of the female, and discusses the problems of the aging woman, abortion and birth control, prostitution, the persecution of lesbians. Black women, a Mexican woman, high school women, ex-New Leftists, housewives, and seasoned feminists speak from their experience in tones that range from detachment to outrage.

Total Pages: 328
Publishing Year: 2000
PDF Size: 109.39 MB
Language: English
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