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The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 25671 The next day, in the early morning, Charlie and Zhiqing took a plane to Anhui, and the plane landed at the airport in Fushen. Then the two drove to Nanjing, and after a while, they went to the hotel where Su Jingwen was staying in Nanjing. Charlie sent Su Jingwen a message in advance, asking her to make a reservation in a hotel in Nanjing, and she chose a hotel of the same level as the one where Charlie was staying. Charlie and Zhiqing went directly to Su Jingwens room, knocked on the door, and soon Su Jingwen opened the door. The two of them were holding hands, and Su Jingwen was taken aback when she saw the two of them together for a moment. But then she smiled and said,Charlie, you are really a good person. I didnt expect you to really bring my sister over. Charlie smiled and said,Yes, Sister Zhiqing also called me yesterday, saying that she missed you very much. Su Jingwen said,Come in, come in. Charlie and Zhiqing soon entered the room. Su Jingwen introduced the two of them to each other, and then said,I have already made reservations at the restaurant downstairs. You can go and wash up and go down. Charlie smiled and said,Okay, well be right down. As soon as Charlie entered the room, he took Zhiqing and sat on the sofa, and said,You can just call me Charlie when you talk to my sister. I dont want to call you Charlie. Zhiqing said,I want to call you Brother Charlie. Charlie said,If you want to call me Brother Charlie, then you can call me Brother Charlie. Zhiqing said,Okay, Brother Charlie. Charlie said,

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