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The Social Animal by David Brooks is a book that explores the human condition with an emphasis on psychology and sociology. It looks at how people think, feel, interact with one another and make decisions. The author uses stories to illustrate his points while also providing facts from scientific studies to back them up. He argues that our behavior is shaped by both nature (biological factors) and nurture (social influences).

Brooks starts off by discussing the importance of relationships in our lives; he believes they are essential for happiness as well as success in life. He then moves on to discuss how emotions play a vital role in decision-making processes, followed by topics such as self-control and morality which can help us become better versions of ourselves if we learn how to manage them correctly. Further chapters explore the power of habits, creativity, love & marriage among many other things which all have an impact on who we are today or could potentially be tomorrow if nurtured properly .

Overall this book provides great insight into understanding human behavior through psychological lenses without becoming too technical or overwhelming for readers who may not be familiar with these concepts already; it’s written in simple language yet still manages to provide enough detail so those interested can dig deeper into any particular topic discussed throughout its pages – making it a great read regardless your level of knowledge about social sciences!

Total Pages: 530
Publishing Year: 2008
PDF Size: 1.98 MB
Language: English
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